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I hear them you know
They shuffle up and down the hall
They groan and vomit
I heard one fall down the stairs
I'm not sure they can hear me
Some of them don"t have ears
Every once in awhile I hear humans
Not talking but driving
Fast and wild
And shooting
Always shooting
The door should hold
If not they still wont get in
Least not for awhile
Man they stink
It's worse than three day old roadkill
I'm Hungry
They are too
Except i dont eat what they do
Thats what seperates us isn't it?
That and they're dead
Wait I hear something
Ah crap
Someone's in the house
I hear them
They sound nice enough
Hope they're armed
Yeah they are
With Axes
I can tel by that sickly noise
But the worlds gone to hell
We are all savages
Well time to greet the guests
Better grab the 20 Guage
Longer to reload but shorter
Better to manuver
Time to open the door
Once more unto the breach
written at pen in hand. It's the first (that i know of) poem about zombies
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March 13, 2010
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